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Microwave repair

Microwave repair

Appliance Care and Tips to Make Appliances Last

Bad habits cost you; good habits conserve thousands. Check out and save big on appliance repairs with these upkeep tips. Clean Refrigerator Coils If your refrigerator quits working on a hot day, presume the coils. Service pros discover this issue on half of their refrigerator calls. On lots of refrigerators, you get to the coils by removing the front grille. Then [...]

What Is Microwave And How To Repair It

We see microwaves in just every house we enter for service. To many people, nevertheless, they're an enigma. We placed our coffee inside, press a couple of buttons, and a few minutes later, we have warm coffee! Have to love this modern technology! From a DIY appliance repair viewpoint, when an amateur attempts to repair a "not-heating" problem half-way right into [...]

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