Microwave Repair Costs

The cost to repair a microwave is generally $70 per hour plus the cost of products. The overall cost ranges from $50 to $400, averaging about $150. A lot of homeowners will certainly pay $100 to $200, consisting of labor and parts. This depends mainly on the brand name, design as well as broken part.

Although the least expensive microwaves might cost less to replace, it’s essential to consider the advantages of repairing your existing appliance. By fixing the system you already have, you can lessen interrupting your life and keep old tools out of the landfill. Right here are some elements to keep in mind as you make a decision.

Microwave Magnetron Replacement Cost

Replacing a microwave magnetron costs $100 to $200. This includes a component cost of $50 to $100 and $50 to $100 for labor.

A magnetron is a key element that generates warmth for the appliance. This component produces microwave power.

Magnetron Price

New magnetrons cost $50 to $100. If you’re going shopping for one, make sure you’ve obtained the correct type. Like the majority of microwave substitute parts, it’s detailed to the brand as well as design.

Microwave Diode Cost

Microwave diodes cost $5 to $25, plus $50 to $100 to replace them. If you have to replace the magnetron, a new diode might come as part of the plan.

Diodes work as a semiconductor to develop, receive as well as change microwave signals. It can use down in time, leading to triggers, loud bustling, or inefficient home heating.

Other Microwave Oven Repair Costs

Other microwave repair prices range from $50 to $400, depending mainly on the component you require to replace. Remember that you’ll pay $50 to $100 per hr along with the materials if you use a professional to repair it.

Microwave Parts Prices

  • Magnetron$ 50-$ 100.
  • Diode$ 5-$ 25.
  • Glass Tray$ 30-$ 60.
  • Light Bulb$ 5-$ 20.
  • Door$ 100-$ 300.
  • Turntable Motor$ 15-$ 100.
  • Power Cord$ 10-$ 90.
  • Handle$ 30-$ 80.

Repair vs. Replace a Microwave.

The cost to install a microwave varies from $110 to $190, plus $100 to $700 for the appliance. This might be greater or less than the $50 to $400 you’ll require to repair the existing one. As a general regulation, you need to think about replacement if:

  • The microwave is almost ten years old.
  • You’ll pay at the very least half the cost of substitute.
  • You can’t discover replacement parts that fit the brand and version.
  • Built-in home appliances or those with unique attributes like convection tend to run the highest possible to replace. The repair might be a much better selection for these devices.

DIY vs. Hire a Professional.

At a $50 to $100 per hr plus parts rate, working with a professional to repair your microwave may or might not be necessary. You might feel comfy changing a glass tray or light bulb by yourself. By comparison, you’ll desire to locate microwave repair companies near you for services such as:

  • Replacing a magnetron.
  • Placing in a brand-new turntable electric motor.
  • Electrical wiring a power cord.

When you’re prepared to contact at least three pros for a price quote, ask if mileage and parts consist of the total amount.