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Dryer Repair Service in Brooklyn

Clothes dryers are an important, time-saving device. Many people rely on this modern-day laundry-room benefit, which can be really annoying if issues occur. Even if your dryer isn’t entirely broken, it can be pricey to keep running if it isn’t running effectively. If you’ve discovered spikes in your energy costs, slow drying, or another issue, schedule service to get your dryer into leading shape.

With the technical understanding of your kind of dryer, our group of professionals will do a fast technical diagnosis and possible service for the issue. You can rely on Techledge with your dryer repair and services in Brooklyn.

Dryer Brands We Usually Service

  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • Kenmore
  • LG
  • GE and more..

Common Dryer Issues We Fix

  • Your dryer won’t run.
  • Your dryer isn’t producing heat.
  • The drum doesn’t spin.
  • Your dryer gets too hot.

How much it costs to fix a dryer?

The typical nationwide cost for dryer repair is $170. This cost shows the overall cost for the task consisting of parts, labor charges, and service charges. Many home appliance repair service technicians charge a flat amount once they identify what repair work is required and which home appliance parts will be needed.
If your dryer is acting odd, purchasing repair services is typically more affordable than buying a replacement dryer. New dryers cost anywhere from $400 for entry-level to $2,000, or more, for the top of the line. Here’s the scoop on dryer repair cost to save some cash and save your dryer from the landfill.

What Affects the Cost of Dryer Repair?

Home appliance brand name, kind of repair required, service charge, home appliance parts required, your ZIP code, and the home appliance repair service technician’s per-hour rates all impact the cost of dryer repair.

Why select us for your dryer repair service in Brooklyn.

Whether you’re trying to find dryer vent cleaning, dryer repair, or a brand name brand-new state-of-the-art clothes dryer, Techledge can assist. We’re your most acceptable alternative for fast and straightforward local repair and upkeep of both gas and electric clothes dryers. If your dryer is putting out a burning odor, your dryer will not fume, or your dryer door simply opens the incorrect method, you can rely on Us for the very best dryer service professionals in the business. Specialists that are locally certified and vetted, with the ability to get your dryer up and running once again.
If you’d like to understand whether one of our dryer repair techs can resolve your issue, call or schedule your dryer repair service online.

Fair Appliance Repair in Brooklyn.

  • Service on all Major Brands

  • Reasonable Rates

  • No Service Charge With Repair

  • Guaranteed Repairs

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Prompt Courteous Service

  • The Same Day Service (if you call before Noon)


To our enjoyable surprise, he was very fast. He was using eye covering, gloves, and face coverings when he pertained to repair. Would suggest!

Olga, Brooklyn, NY

The repairman was expert and quick and even appeared early. Even though Alex could not repair the issue, he assisted point me with the best course. I would extremely suggest them.

D.S., Brooklyn, NY

Constantly amazing!! Very great service. Great rate. Ive utilized this business to repair my washer and dryer. The tech got on top of my roofing to clean up the vent pipeline. They will always have my service.

Yan D., Brooklyn, NY

I called early Monday, early morning, and Aleks showed up around 6 pm. Yes! Same day service. He changed the bearing, lubed, cleaned up, changed a belt, and got the drum moving correctly once again. He worked up until 9 pm. He was incredibly respectful and expert..

Stas V., Brooklyn, NY

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Here are some pieces of advice on fixing when your dryer isn’t working appropriately, no matter what brand name it is, and make some necessary repair work. These might save you the cost of a service call or remove some concerns, so the issue is more straightforward for the professional to resolve.

Dryer Will Not Start

If the dryer does not begin, examine to be sure that the dryer is plugged in. This appears so easy, however, you do not require a repair specialist to do it. Plugs can get bumped loose by pets or fallen items.

The dryer Is Plugged in, however, it Still Won’t Work.

As soon as you’ve made sure the dryer is correctly plugged into the electric outlet, however, it still will not run, it’s time to inspect your main house electrical box to see if a fuse has actually blown or a breaker has even tripped. You might have the ability to change the fuse or turn the breaker back on. This is a great time to examine the voltage in the outlet with a voltage meter. Make sure that your outlet is working appropriately. If not, call an electrical expert directly!

If you have a gas dryer, make sure that the pilot burner is lit, which you have enough gas supply if the dryer is sustained with liquid lp. Both electric and gas clothes dryers need 240 volts to run.

Dryer power cables can likewise stop working. Inspect the voltage and change it if required.

The dryer Runs, however, it Doesn’t Heat.

If a dryer switches on and after that shuts down really rapidly (under 5 minutes approximately), it is usually an issue with either the thermostat or thermal resistor. The thermal fuse “blows” and shuts off the dryer to avoid getting too hot.

You can inspect the temperature level sensing unit with a voltage meter to determine if it is working correctly. While you’re examining these components, examine the heating component and timer to ensure they are getting power.

Dryer Is Making a Clanking Noise.

Stop the drying cycle and examine within.

  • Are all buckles attached?
  • Are zippers zipped?
  • Exist coins, cellular phones, or secrets taking a spin?
  • Get rid of the transgressors, and the sound ought to stop.

If your dryer is still loud and vibrating, it is off-balance. You should take actions to level the dryer, or it will never ever be peaceful and additional damage to the structure can happen.

If the dryer is making shrieking or screeching sounds, the issue is used drum bearings or assistances. Unless you are equipped with tools, this will need a repair service technician because the whole system needs to be dismantled.

It Takes Forever for Clothes to Dry.

If it takes a long time for a load of clothes to be dried and your clothes come out all over in lint, clear out that lint filter! If the lint filter is complete, then air is not streaming easily, and your maker is required to work longer than needed.

After you clear the filter, provide it a great cleansing to eliminate any residue from the anti-static sheet. Likewise, it would help if you used a little bit of rubbing alcohol to clean up the electronic wetness sensing units (a couple of little metal strips inside the dryer drum). You’ll get your dryer working more effectively and avoid a potential fire.

Filter Is Clean, and Clothes Still Isn’t Dry.

If your filter is tidy and the dryer is warming up, however, it is still taking too long to dry clothes; there are two things to inspect. Is the dryer vent system kinked, blocked, or detached? Usage at long-handled bristle brush to clear out the dryer vent. The vent needs to be as brief as possible in between the maker and the outdoor exhaust vent to avoid blockages. If the venting system is lengthy and you can’t reach out the whole length with a brush, use a leaf blower to clean up the system or work with an expert.

If you still have a versatile white plastic dryer hose pipe, change it! It is a fire trap waiting on catastrophe, which is why brand-new building regulations need a stiff dryer vent.

Now, go outdoors and examine the outdoors vent. Many are developed with a trap door that just opens when dryer air and lint are burnt out. If the vent hood gets covered with lint, the trap door can’t open. This is typically an issue in high humidity environments. Examine it every couple of months, and you’ll be surprised at the quantity of lint you discover.

We cover all famous brands, consisting of such brands as:

  • LG
  • Electrolux
  • Miele
  • Maytag
  • GE
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • Whirlpool
  • Midea
  • Bosch
  • Speed Queen and more..

Gas & Electric Dryer Repair or Vent Maintenance in Brooklyn

Clothes dryers have a turning drum called a tumbler, which distributes heated air and vaporizes wetness. The damp air produced from this process is pressed through the venting system to the beyond your home, including dry air to boost the drying procedure. Our service techs can repair any part of this system or tidy your dryer vent to keep your house safe and running efficiently.

There are two primary kinds of clothes dryers that we repair in Brooklyn:

Electric: These clothes dryers cost a little less than gas ones up-front and are likewise simpler and less costly to set up. Exhaust requirements are really minimal: steam venting just.

Gas: Clothes dryers running on gas or gas cost a bit more up-front than electric clothes dryers, however, they wind up being the more affordable choice in time. Specialized venting is needed.